CYRENE Experts’ workshop

On March 31st, our Consortium partner Privanova organised the first CYRENE Expert Workshop together with the project coordinator and the rest of the consortium as well as representatives of all three external advisory boards. 

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Living-in.EU: Digital Transformation in the European Cities

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  • Post published:15 March 2021
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The initiative for boosting sustainable digital transformation in cities and communities in the EU was introduced in 2019. Supported by the European Commission and the European Committee of the Regions, it is a platform to cope with the aforementioned challenges and utilizing digital solutions to make the cities climate neutral and work together on societal challenges in a ‘European Way’.

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Ethics Compliance in CYRENE

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  • Post published:13 February 2021
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CYRENE is a cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research project aiming to enhance the security, privacy, accountability, resilience and trustworthiness of supply chains. As it goes beyond the state of the art in related fields, the project incorporates a strong ethics compliance component.

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