CYRENE Open Call

CYRENE Open Call for Proposals of up to €7.500 for 10 highly ranked Use Cases from Vertical Industries and up to €25.000 for 5 highly ranked Cybersecurity Vendors is Open for Submission!

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What is the CYRENE Open Call?

Through this Open Call, the interested parties are invited to present their idea on how the CYRENE Platform could be enriched with additional cybersecurity services or evaluated in other vertical industries. Their idea can be based on:

  • Development activities of a product/service they are already providing to their customers, or
  • Development activities of a use case coming from the areas of Healthcare, FinTech, Manufacturing, Agrifood, E-Government, Retails, Construction, Logistics, Education, and more to assess and prove the applicability, usability, effectiveness, and value of the CYRENE concepts, models and software tools under real-life conditions.

The CYRENE Open Call will award selected applicants with a grant of up to €25.000 in order to either introduce new use cases from digitally interconnected Vertical Industries or implement additional cybersecurity services and integrate them with the CYRENE Platform. The Open Call will assist in the uptake of the existing CYRENE functionalities, the enrichment of the current CYRENE portfolio of services and testing the CYRENE Platform, and gathering feedback from interested parties.

What is the CYRENE Motivation?

Global Supply Chain Services (SCSs) are a way of life for modern business where individual operators and cross border Critical Infrastructures (CI), (e.g. industries, airports, telecommunications service providers, railways, energy providers, banks, maritime / logistic / transport companies) collaborate in exploring new labour markets, offering and integrating complex and digitally interconnected SCSs. Although cybersecurity tools and products for handling threats have greatly evolved, still there is no easy, structured, standardized and trusted way to forecast, prevent and manage interrelated and propagated cybersecurity vulnerabilities and threats in a way that takes into account the heterogeneity and complexity of today’s Supply Chains (SCs). Therefore, there is a pressing need for devising methodologies, techniques and tools for the efficient evaluation and handling of security threats and vulnerabilities in SCs supporting all involved infrastructures for the provision of critical SCSs.

About the CYRENE Project

H2020 CYRENE project’s novel solution of enhancing control, handling security threats and vulnerabilities, and ensuring accountability in ICT systems, components, and services across the supply chains addresses the current and open challenges via a dual approach Risk and Conformity Assessment (RCA) Methodology. CYRENE is a European project, funded under the Horizon 2020 Work Programme. It aims to enhance the security, privacy, resilience, accountability, and trustworthiness of Supply Chains (SCs) through the provision of a novel and dynamic RCA Methodology accompanied by the respective cybersecurity tools that evaluate the security and resilience of Supply Chain Services (SCSs), the interconnected IT infrastructures composing these services and the individual devices that support the operations of the Supply Chains. 

It consists of fourteen (14) partners representing research institutes, universities, technology providers, infrastructure providers, supply chain providers and industrial partners from ten EC member states and associated countries. Certifying the Security and Resilience of Supply Chain Services! Visit us at 

Who is eligible for the CYRENE Open Call?

The CYRENE Consortium is looking for candidates interested in testing, validating, integrating, or making new proposals for the efficient evaluation and handling of security threats and vulnerabilities considering methodologies, techniques, and tools developed within the CYRENE project for the resilience of critical Supply Chain Services.

In order to provide truly valuable services through the Open Call for Proposals, the CYRENE Consortium seeks:

  • Cybersecurity Vendors or Cybersecurity Service / Product / Application Providers to introduce and enrich the current CYRENE’s portfolio of services; and
  • Use Cases from IT-based or non IT-based start-ups, SMEs, or Large Enterprises in the areas of Healthcare, FinTech, Manufacturing, Agrifood, E-Government, Retails, Construction, Logistics, Education and more with established supply chains and collaboration with third party services… to assess the CYRENE Platform and increase their cybersecurity awareness.

Applications can be filed by single individuals / teams that can also feature members from different organizations or by SMEs, Large Enterprises and Cybersecurity Vendors. The total budget of the Open Call is €200.000 which will be distributed to finance 2 types of development activities, as follows:

5 Cybersecurity Vendors or Cybersecurity Service / Product / Application Providers

Cybersecurity Applicants will be funded with €25.000

Cybersecurity applicants to provide off-the-shelf solutions or implement new services which enrich the current CYRENE’s portfolio; and test the ability of the CYRENE Platform to deploy these services by adopting well-known web services and CI/CD principles.

10 European Use Cases

Use Case Applicants will be funded with €7.500.

IT-based and non IT-based Adopters, SMEs, Start-ups, Large Enterprises and more, to connect their digital applications, services and operations to the CYRENE Risk and Conformity Assessment Platform and test its ability to meet their cybersecurity and data protection needs.

An Evaluation Committee of experts in the domain of Cybersecurity and Supply Chain Services will review, assess and select the most motivating ideas!


Before applying, read the CYRENE Guidelines for Applicants 

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Project Coordinator: Sofoklis Efremidis
Institution: Maggioli SPA
Email: info{at}
Start: 1-10-2020
Duration: 36 months
Participating organisations: 14
Number of countries: 10



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