Valencia Info Day: Certifying the Security and Resilience of Supply Chain Services of ports.

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September 23, 2021 – 10:00am – 12:00pm CEST

On the 23rd September 2021, CYRENE is organizing its first Info Day led by Fundación Valenciaport open to the public, whether you are a professional or interested in the field of supply chain services cyber security. During the event you will be:

  • informed about the CYRENE project, its overall objectives and approach,
  • learn about the challenges faced in the context of port supply chain services and how the CYRENE solution is planning to solve them (you can already get some background information reading our blog here), and
  • get updated about the latest achievements of the consortium.

CYRENE is a European project, funded under the Horizon 2020 Work Programme. It aims to enhance the security, privacy, resilience, accountability and trustworthiness of Supply Chains (SCs) through the provision of a novel and dynamic Conformity Assessment Process (CAP) that evaluates the security and resilience of supply chain services, the interconnected IT infrastructures composing these services and the individual devices that support the operations of the SCs. In particular, the proposed Conformity Assessment Process will support, at different levels, SCs security officers and operators to recognize, identify, model, and dynamically analyse cyber risks. Moreover, it will support forecasting, treatment and response to advanced persistent threats and handle daily cyber-security and privacy risks, incidents and data breaches.

Registration is free of charge but required in order to use the necessary remote facilitation tools. Please fill in the form below and we’ll forward you the invitation with all connection details.

Info Day Registration Form

I agree that my personal data be processed for the purpose of registration for the workshop as well as for other purposes I agreed upon (if any). More details are available in the privacy policy.

On behalf of the whole CYRENE consortium and in particular of the event organizer: the Valencia Port Foundation, we are looking forward to e-meeting you and listening to your thoughts, comments, questions!



Project Coordinator: Sofoklis Efremidis
Institution: Maggioli SPA
Email: info{at}
Start: 1-10-2020
Duration: 36 months
Participating organisations: 14
Number of countries: 10



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