Supply Chain Services - Automotive Pilot

The Automotive contribution to the project

After exploring the primary supply services in the automotive chain and how they are managed from the manufacturers’ point of view, the Centro Ricerche FIAT is participating in the purpose of the Cyrene project which consists in developing methodologies, techniques, and tools for the efficient evaluation and handling of security threats and vulnerabilities supporting the involved infrastructures for the provision of critical Supply Chain Services.

As an industrial partner, CRF provides its contribution through the realisation of the pilot that will start in the second part of the project and be utilised to assess the conformity in the Automotive Supply Chain and specifically within the Automotive Inbound Logistics processes and assets.

Pilot description

The data, generated from IoT devices installed on a type of critical container identified by CRF, will be tracked and monitored in order to know the position of the containers and the most important parameters (i.e vibrations, temperature) related to the status of the transported components. In this specific case, it is important to avoid high vibrations or temperature shocks to ensure the quality of the components that will be mounted on cars. Furthermore, the platform, carried out in the project, will ensure the cybersecurity of data, people, and processes during the components supply, allowing the protection of ICT systems and processes.

The pilot will focus on two different phases when the system will be used:

  1. Network planning: during the definition of the network IT infrastructure, the system should be able to assess the security level and certificate the protection level of the network settings.
  2. Network operations: after the setting of the network, the system should be able to continuously monitor, assess and certificate the protection level of the devices, data flow, and the whole network in real-time.

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Project Coordinator: Sofoklis Efremidis
Institution: Maggioli SPA
Email: info{at}
Start: 1-10-2020
Duration: 36 months
Participating organisations: 14
Number of countries: 10



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