Ethics Compliance in CYRENE

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CYRENE is a cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research project aiming to enhance the security, privacy, accountability, resilience and trustworthiness of supply chains. As it goes beyond the state of the art in related fields, the project incorporates a strong ethics compliance component. 

Ethics: a transferal topis in H2020

To reflect on the current and emerging ethical challenges raised by its research activities and their implications for individuals and societies, CYRENE addresses the ethical compliance on all stages of the project life cycle: from the Ethics Issues Table (Part A of the proposal) and the Ethics Self-Assessment (Part B of the proposal), over the Ethics Review during the evaluation phase to the Grant Agreement and regular Checks and Audits after the signature. Now that the project is in its active phase, our approach to ethics compliance relies on collaborative efforts involving all project partners and the proactive monitoring of ethics risks. In short, we follow a structured approach to identification, assessment and mitigation of ethical and data protection issues where consortium partners share responsibility for maintaining compliance. Our risk-based approach includes the fulfilment of the Ethics Requirements the project received

Focus on the project outcomes

CYRENE will be validated in several scenarios comprising supply chain infrastructures and end-users working under realistic conditions. To support its results, the project will ensure active engagement of a large number of external stakeholders which will set the basis for its large-scale adoption. In this context, Privanova leads consortium efforts on privacy, data protection and ethics compliance. Our first task is to foresee the ethical issues related to the research and address them throughout the project. During the research phase, we are engaging all project partners and our Ethics Advisory Board members in the analysis of legal and ethical requirements and manage overall compliance component of the project. 

Ethics Compliance and Risk Management

The proactive management of ethics compliance ensures a strong link, on the management level, between the ethics and risk management component of the project. During the project, Privanova ensures the internal monitoring of the implementation of the ethics requirements by the consortium. This way, the ethical issues that might be raised by CYRENE will be continuously addressed during the project’s lifecycle.

Signed by: the Privanova team


Project Coordinator: Sofoklis Efremidis
Institution: Maggioli SPA
Email: info{at}
Start: 1-10-2020
Duration: 36 months
Participating organisations: 14
Number of countries: 10



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