CyberHot Summer School sponsored by CYRENE

CyberHot Summer school

  September 27-28th, 2021

The CyberHOT training summer school, took place on the 27th and 28th Sept. 2021. It was organized by the Security Research Lab, University of Piraeus, and the Microprocessor and Hardware Lab, Technical University of Crete under the auspices of the 5th NMIOTC Cyber Security Conference in the Maritime Domain which will follow on 29th and 30th September 2021.

The summer school was attended by 73 participants from the domain of cybersecurity including professionals and students. The educational sessions covered multiple topics such as:
  • Theory of basic concepts, inventories of threats and vulnerabilities (from non-technical to technical).
  • Introduction of main principles of digital forensics investigation practices and tools
  • Demonstrations of:
    • specific attack scenarios (e.g. in maritime sector) using various tools (e.g. Logstail, Elasticsearch, Wazuh, Snort) to monitor the attack
    • the variety of the mitigation actions (technical controls, processes, procedures)
    • vulnerability assessment tools (e.g. network vulnerability scanner, operating system vulnerability scanners, blackbox application exploitation) using real-life scenarios.

  • Labs on the topics of:
    • attack management process exploration using the above-mentioned tools using real life scenarios.
    • using an open source tool (e.g. mitigate) conduct risk assessment of a maritime organization (e.g. port).
    • building a security policy, Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP).
    • digital forensics in practice on a scenario that analyses a synthetic dataset that includes 100 phone calls and related metadata (i.e., CDR info).

CYRENE Sponsorship

CYRENE sponsored the event with content for the sessions such as real life scenarios from the maritime industry and trainers such as Elma Kalogeraki from the Maggioli Group and Nineta Polemi from Focal Point sprl, since the topic is in the main interests of the project objectives in terms of creating and enhancing people’s skills for resolving addressing and tackling future cyber security challenges.

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Project Coordinator: Sofoklis Efremidis
Institution: Maggioli SPA
Email: info{at}
Start: 1-10-2020
Duration: 36 months
Participating organisations: 14
Number of countries: 10



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