CYRENE Newsletter Vol.4 - February 2022
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Certifying the security and resilience of supply chain services

We are already one month in 2022 and the New Year is finding the consortium of CYRENE in a productive heat, preparing for our first prototype! Our partners have been demonstrating their progress and have been discussing the integration of the assets for a smooth first version of the CYRENE system. In the meantime, we have been collaborating closely with other EU-funded projects, in order to leverage each other’s findings! Below we’ll be sharing what happened in a nutshell over the last four months and we are looking forward to hearing your input! Enjoy the reading and please do reach out if you have any suggestions for us!

KCYEU-2022 Workshop
KCYEU-2022 Workshop
Key challenges in global cybersecurity: Efforts and trends in EU.
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CYRENE, FISHY, and IoTAC, are organizing a joint workshop trying to track current research in cybersecurity, especially in the fields of IoT and supply chains but are also open to other cybersecurity research areas and projects. The workshop will be held on the 28th of March, 2022, as a remote event co-located with the DRCN conference.


Authors are invited to submit original contributions that have not been published or submitted for publication elsewhere whether they are original unpublished papers or work-in-progress presentations.

Clustering workshop
Clustering workshop
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CYRENE and ASSURED co–organized a clustering workshop aiming at bringing together a number of EU-funded projects that target supply chains security, resilience and certification aspects, experts in the field as well as members and consultants from standardization and certification bodies. The objective of the workshop was to explore synergies and identify actions that can be pursued in common. You can watch the key objectives of all projects working at the moment in the field on our website!

Our Latest Blogposts

Every month we make sure to write a blog and share our thoughts and insights. We would be glad to hear your opinion on the subjects we touch on. Check below our latest blogs and let us know your view on the topics either via our contact form or by reaching us via our social media accounts.

Supply Chains security brings confidence to global digital markets
CYRENE considers security certification of the SCS as a main mitigation measure and it proposes a cybersecurity scheme, a risk and conformity assessment methodologies and a tool to realize the…
Ransomware in a supply chain environment.
In today’s world, the internet supply chain owners and participants need to make sure that not only their companies are secure from cyber-attacks, but the rest of the affiliates of…
FPGA technology and Supply Chain Cyber Security
Hardware-based security, using Field-Programmable Gate Array (FGPA) technology, may provide a viable solution for securing critical parts of Supply Chain systems against cyberattacks.
Semantic modelling using ontologies
We use Ontologies in the CYRENE project to model assets and their dependencies in the field of the supply chain.
Our Latest News
CYRENE at the CEN-CENELEC workshop
The CEN-CENELEC Sector Forum on Security organised a webinar to discuss the role of standards in the implementation of the Action Plan on synergies between civil, defense and space industries.
CYRENE at the ICT Security Conference 2021
The 7th ICT Security Congerence took place in virtually on Tuesday 7 & Wednesday 8 of December 2021 organized by Te@mWorks and attracted more than 120 of professionals from all…
CYRENE showcased at the 23rd Infocom world conference
CYRENE, represented by ZELUS, participated in the 23rd Infocom world conference and in particular the workshop “More than 5G“
CYRENE showcased in the Career Day of the University of Crete
On the 15th of October, CYRENE was showcased as a reference project of the possibilities a person may have after they graduate, working in cybersecurity.
One year CYRENE
The CYRENE project was kicked off in October 2020. One year has passed and here is what has been achieved so far.
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