CYRENE Newsletter Vol.1 - February 2021
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Certifying the security and resilience of supply chain services

Global Supply Chains are a way of life for modern business, becoming more complex and integrated. CYRENE is tapping on the need for devising methodologies, techniques, and tools for the efficient evaluation and handling of security threats and vulnerabilities supporting all involved infrastructures for the provision of critical Supply Chain services.


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The Start of CYRENE

It’s been only 4 months since the project started and it buzzes with activity, therefore already organizing our second plenary meeting on February the 17th. In the meantime, our academic partners are excited to be working on the definition of a solid basis for setting up the CYRENE Conformity Assessment schemes (SU) with UNSPMF having the lead of the organization of regular meetings with the project partners in order to define requirements and needs for the realization of a trusted supply chain for ICT systems. Speaking of requirements elicitation, our Pilot partners are key in this activity. CRF pilot will allow testing of the CYRENE architecture in the Inbound Logistics in Automotive. Fundacion Valenciaport has described in detail all the processes in the vehicle transport supply chain related to the port domain including a general description, data exchanged, actors involved, and systems and assets in each process.


All our technical partners have already made a lot of progress towards the realization of CYRENE’s architecture, based on a thorough understanding of the project’s challenges, pilots’ requirements, and partners’ expertise, tools, and technologies. Indicatively STS’ efforts focus on security assurance and the definition of certification models. TSI works on mapping modern intrusion prevention frameworks, which can be easily integrated into Supply Chain platforms, offering real-time traffic analysis and high levels of security.


Last but not least, Quality Assurance, Risk Management, and Ethics compliance are very important aspects of CYRENE tackled already from day 1. CLS acting as the Quality and Risk manager sets the tone of project deliverables by specifying quality control procedures that CYRENE will follow throughout the project to ensure consistent production of high-quality results. On the other hand, the proactive management of ethics compliance ensures a strong link, on the management level, between the ethics and risk management component of the project. During CYRENE, Privanova ensures the internal monitoring of the implementation of the ethics requirements by the consortium.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation program under grant agreement No 952690.